Meals and Nutrition

Poor nutrition can lead to undesired weight loss and jeopardize the immune system, making a senior more susceptible to infections as well as worsen their already existing medical conditions. Moreover, as people age, a change in the appetite can be normal. This results in the elderly turning into picky eaters and appearing to be ‘choosier’ with their foods, denying themselves of adequate nutrition. As such, it is extremely crucial to monitor the diet of our residents and ensure that they are provided with healthy yet appetizing meals to ensure they receive adequate nutrition, despite their changes in their appetites.

At Seavoy Nursing Home, we complete regular nutrition assessments that include monitoring changes in eating patterns, problems involving appetite etc and do our best to accommodate to the dietary requirements and preferences of our residents. For instance, food is made appealing to our residents through unique presentations and different cooking methods. Even residents who are unable to eat solid foods are not left behind as their foods are grinded and delivered through PEGs and Ryles tubes.

Our menus are revised regularly and our meals are catered towards meeting the World Health Organization’s recommended quantity of fibre, protein and healthy fats.

Wholesome meals during lunch