Our Team

Seavoy Nursing Home is managed by a professional team of physicians, doctors, nurses and physiotherapists, who are dedicated towards giving our residents the best retirement living and care options available.


Our team comprises of the following members :
(a) on – site doctors who perform routine check – ups and follow – ups on our residents

On – site doctor conducting a routine check – up on an elderly resident

(b) state registered nurses and nurse assistants to attend to the needs of our residents

Nurses interacting with patients during a chit – chat session

Nurse guiding our resident with an activity to enhance finger eye coordination

(c) physiotherapists and occupational therapists to facilitate exercises and perform rehabilitative exercises
to keep our residents active and healthy

Resident Physiotherapist guiding one of our residents to walk properly

Physiotherapist facilitating morning exercises

(d) cooks to cook healthy yet delicious meals for our residents and housekeepers to keep our premises neat
and tidy